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LT Transfers - How     It     Works

We charge $150* to prepare the documents needed to transfer your timeshare plus postage and recording fees -- these are based on where your timeshare is located.

* California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Orleans, Wisconsin are $195, while Pennsylaniva, Maryland, Vermont and Rhode Island are $225 plus postage and recording fees.

If your resort requires a transfer fee, this fee will be in addition to our fees. We will forward these funds to the resort when we notify them of the ownership change.

Fill out the document preparation form and send us a copy of the currently recorded deed.

You can send this form by fax, email, or hard copy. We will send you an email letting you know we have received it. If you do not have a copy of your recorded deed, we will conduct a deed search for you. Our fee for this service is $25.00. Click here to fill out the document preparation form.

We will prepare any documents necessary to transfer your timeshare.

After we receive your documents to prepare your paperwork, we will begin to prepare the new documents needed and when these are ready, we will send these to you via email for your review along with our invoice.

Once we receive the executed documents from you, we will send them out to record at the Clerk's office.

Depending on the county, this could take between one week and six weeks.

When the recorded deed is returned to our office, we will notify you.

We will notify you by email and send out a copy of the recorded deed as well as a copy of the cover letter to your resort for ownership transfer.